Welcome to the webpage with all the records of nemerteans in Spain and Portugal. The web has been updated in March 2017.

This page started as a special website for the PhD Thesis of Alfonso Herrera Bachiller. In this place you will find information of some of the sections of his Thesis.

In the MAP section you will see an example of the distribution of the nemertean Lineus longissimus, and from there you can access the Geographic Information System (GIS) of all the nemerteans from Spain and Portugal. You can even download the shapefiles with the records of all the species.

In PALAEONEMERTEA, PILIDIOPHORA y HOPLONEMERTEA (still in Spanish) you have in-depth information about each of the Spanish and Portuguese nemertean species.

The REFERENCES section has all the references of the PhD Thesis and there you can also download the author´s own publications.

In READ & DOWNLOAD you have access to the online publication and also to a link for downloading the pdf file.

I hope that all the information that you can find here will be very helpful for all the researchers that want to dive into the wonderful world of the nemerteans.